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La politique et ses hommes de paille

Savez-vous ce qu’est un homme de paille? Le mot a plusieurs sens, évidemment. Au-delà du sens littéral, d’un homme fait en paille, comme l’épouvantail ou les petites poupées en paille africaines (ou voodoo) qu’on voit certains ramener au pays comme … Continue reading

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Netspace, the final frontier…

(1)Exploring the net is exploring humanity. I tried to make this point before, in my first blog post, but without being particularly clear. From my point of view, there is no great discontinuity between information technology (IT), or the IT revolution … Continue reading

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Blogging Gabbs

How do blog’s start? I mean, what is a blog’s initial topical content? Are self-referential quips and comments assembled together in the most monstrous, dissheveled, shambling mounds of internet entities the norm? Well, this will be how this blog starts, … Continue reading

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