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I have books and computers. I doodle and I write. I laugh and I cry. I think and I speak. I eat and I sleep. I live and I die.

Socially engineered reading tactics

The evergrowing pile of to-do’s So I’ve been true to (some of) my word(s), and I’ve gotten subscriptions to RSS feeds and now know pretty well how to use them. The first mistake I did was subscribing to everything. It … Continue reading

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La politique et ses hommes de paille

Savez-vous ce qu’est un homme de paille? Le mot a plusieurs sens, évidemment. Au-delà du sens littéral, d’un homme fait en paille, comme l’épouvantail ou les petites poupées en paille africaines (ou voodoo) qu’on voit certains ramener au pays comme … Continue reading

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WordPress doesn’t like Shelfari!

Pissed. I was entering some more of my books on (there are 99 now) when I discovered there was a Shelfari widget I could use to showcase my book collection on my blog. How useful!

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Scavenging content

I’m still trying to figure out how I can get a site to automatically post content from an RSS feed. There’s some pretty costly blogging software out there, which I’d rather not buy. If I knew how to program, I’d … Continue reading

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Me vs. Me: a Draw!

Back to the drawing board. I’ve failed so far at maintaining any kind of regular schedule for my blog. Fine, interwebs, you can be just like the rest of my life, positively entertaining, mutually feeding fields of procrastination. I need … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer… (Exploring the Interwebs, Part 2)

Internet Explorer cannot and should not be a trademark or a copyrighted name. I don’t know if it is, but I don’t care about facts and reality, I’m speaking about normativity. The names are too simple. I explore the Internet. … Continue reading

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Netspace, the final frontier…

(1)Exploring the net is exploring humanity. I tried to make this point before, in my first blog post, but without being particularly clear. From my point of view, there is no great discontinuity between information technology (IT), or the IT revolution … Continue reading

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Exploring the Interwebs (Part 1)

I, like most people, explore the web through search engines and links, and barely enter into any interactive, web 2.0 based (1) activities, other than social networking. And then again, I did that mostly through facebook. My twitter account is … Continue reading

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Links and semiotic misfire

Have you ever “correctly” interpreted something spontaneously, its meaning or its portent, then became conscious of your ignorance of how you came about this interpretation, which leads to a skeptic rational doubting of that experience, and generates the seed for … Continue reading

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Blogs I Enjoy

1-Since I plan to suggest other blogs to my readers, I put in a Blogroll widget. 2-Since the blogroll widget is a links widget with another name, it lists all links I make without discrimination. 3-Since I cannot figure out … Continue reading

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