I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, mainly to comment on news and to push my philosophical ideas. I can’t push them through proper channels because I’m too lazy to meet with academic methodology in my research. Or rather, I’m impatient to get to a theory, a conclusion.

This blog is a series of unapologetic rants about various topics, with references, notes and links included so you can move away from my perspective and build your own. Or rather, so you have access to my thought process and influences and can see how I’ve build my own perspective better than I could say so myself.

I also intend on making a few segments, some of which I might eventually split off into different sections, depending on how hard it is to manage sections, and if I get enough traffic or not.

1- Library Project: my project to read and review every book I own.

2- WebScholar: my take on how web tools should change academia and how we should do academic research better using the web.

3- Food ethics: my exploration into the fascinating intersection between food and ethics (vegetarianism, bio foods, raw foods, vegans, fair trade, responsible consummerism, international aid, agriculture, wildlife protection bans, cultural views on food and ethics, dietary taboos, etc.)

The initial impulse behind the style of my first few gabbs was one of editorial and methodological foundations, that gave the posts a horrible, block-ish, monolithic appearance. My goal is to make the gabbs more and more aggreable to the reader’s aesthetic sense and sensibilities.

Let’s try to make them short and lively.


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