Scavenging content

I’m still trying to figure out how I can get a site to automatically post content from an RSS feed. There’s some pretty costly blogging software out there, which I’d rather not buy. If I knew how to program, I’d make one. Can’t be that difficult, can it? But then again, I’d have to learn how to write code more intricate than pseudo-code and HTML. FML.

One of the things I do want to learn about is the Dada engine. This one got famous for the post-modern random text generator that was built from it, but the latter’s owner doesn’t reveal how he tweeked the engine to get it to do that, or what word-banks it works off of. I want to make a post-modern text generator that generates post-modern articles from given seeds, with a fixed title and topic, but with the rest being randomized. If I can use what I learn there to make an article writer that feeds of the RSS content I deliver to it, maybe that’s a start.

There’s also the question of getting that content. RSS feed mash-ups could be one solution, that’s why I’m still trying to figure out yahoo pipes, amongst other things. Code seems to be an unsurmountable obstacle. I recently found this web site that offers programming tutorials for zeroes (in french).

Here’s what I’m reading about.


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