Me vs. Me: a Draw!

Back to the drawing board.

I’ve failed so far at maintaining any kind of regular schedule for my blog. Fine, interwebs, you can be just like the rest of my life, positively entertaining, mutually feeding fields of procrastination. I need to figure something out.

Draw a breath.

I’ve decided some of my projects needed impetus, so I started setting up accounts on shelfari (as annotated gabbs), and on yahoo to learn to use yahoo pipes. I started putting in my shelfari account some of my books. Total so far: 1. I’ve started writing a review of it that I didn’t finish. I have so much to say, I never feel satisfied and never get around to saying it. I worked on a list of books, from pictures I took of my shelves, both for this blog’s Library Project. None of them I’ve put up yet. And here I am still, speaking to imaginary readers about a blog I’m not updating. Sounds like a reason more to procrastinate… or to step it up.

I’ve also been wondering if I can automatically post recycled content to a blog, perhaps using the pipes system to filter, modify and/or concatenate the RSS feed inputs. A project born(e) of curiosity. Of course, I need quality RSS feeds first, so I’ve been subscribing to feeds thanks to Google Reader, which is generating a whole area of exploration for me. And frustrating discoveries: I sure wish Cultural Survival had an RSS feed.

Strings wound up and drawn tight.

My work has me working on more interesting projects than my blog (teaching WordPress, Photoshop, GIMP, conferences on virtual online identity, or research on using teaching basic computer skills to illiterate audiences). I guess the main motivations I thought I would have for blogging, escaping from my reality and its isolation, were less relevant and necessary for me over the past few weeks. Behind every blog is a human. Don’t forget.

A line drawn in the sand.

I could act courageous and determined and hide all the doubt. I could say I will procrastinate no longer. But who knows what the future has in store for me and my blogging habit. We’ll see, we’ll see. What’s left to do, though, is identifyable.

1- Maintain a schedule, a rythm.
2- Explain my projects, give the blog a direction.
3- Add pictures, personnalise the style, the presentation.
4- Make the posts more readable.

Yeah, that sounds like a good start. Otherwise, I drew the last straw.


About annotatedgabbs

I have books and computers. I doodle and I write. I laugh and I cry. I think and I speak. I eat and I sleep. I live and I die.
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