Internet Explorer… (Exploring the Interwebs, Part 2)

Internet Explorer cannot and should not be a trademark or a copyrighted name. I don’t know if it is, but I don’t care about facts and reality, I’m speaking about normativity. The names are too simple. I explore the Internet. I am an Internet explorer. No one should be able to prevent me from saying the truth in describing myself with common dictionary words. There is no way Internet Explorer could be seen as a trademarked name that it makes any sense to protect by law. None at all. Fair Use and Free Speech Mutha…..zs.

And now for the continuation of what some other gabb started: telling you about some of the interesting web resources for you to use to appropriate the web and all of its possibilities, and especially, Web 2.0 contributions. This update contains some of the unforgettables, and some of the forgotten.

Yahoo Pipes
Yahoo Pipes is a web-based graphic interface to aggregate and manipulate web feeds and website content, and deliver it in a single format. It can show converging information streams separately or as mash-ups.

Quora is an online knowledge market website that allows users to aggregates questions and answers from around the web into one very user-friendly resource page for every question. In the words of its “About” page, “Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.”

Twitter is a  micro-blogging social-network service, that allows messages or tweets of 140 characters or less to be posted for all to see, and allows one to be warned of recent tweets by other accounts being “followed”.

Myspace is a social networking site, and off-shoot of Friendster, which eventually had a certain amount of success because it offered many options to multimedia and visual artists to share and promote their works through these pages. It is still one of the largest social networks.

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. The basic actions are creating and updating a profile, adding friends, joining groups, exchange private messages, post micro-blogging (status updates, photos, videos, notes, etc.) and comments, and chatting.

Invisible Web
Not a single website, nor even a network of websites, but rather a concept, the secret or hidden net is the area of the web that cannot be found via conventional search engines. This is often either because the creators of these sites do not want to be found (hacker websites for instance) or because their content is not interpretable by the search engines as readable content (coded or encrypted content or databases). Nevertheless, the size of this Invisible Web is considerable, and many have given themselves the task of exploring it and sharing about it. However, there is something paradoxical in this very act, since linking to these sites sometimes improves their google searchability, removing them from the Invisible Web even as it is studied.

Docstoc is an online document searchable repository that allows voting up or down documents by interest as in scribd, but specialised in corporate and business documents. It also runs a store for certain documents.

WePapers is an online document sharing website aimed at college and university students. It categorises documents by academic disciplines, and allows users to create online communities and classrooms to better share documents. It also allows documents to be embedded in other web sites.

Issuu is a website that allows browser-based viewing of uploaded visual documents and information. Basically, it makes documents readable without being downloaded, though some can still be downloaded.


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