Links and semiotic misfire

Have you ever “correctly” interpreted something spontaneously, its meaning or its portent, then became conscious of your ignorance of how you came about this interpretation, which leads to a skeptic rational doubting of that experience, and generates the seed for the reversal of that judgment and the adoption of an incorrect interpretation, which then needs to be undone once more if truth is to be found? Yeah? Me too.

Also, on a completely other note … I figured out the way the links widget works. Turns out you edit the links from the links section… duh. I added tons of links and removed the links in the following list, which WordPress put in automatically and which I’m copying here for future reference just in case. They are also what set me off-track, since I thought some of these were the links to WordPress’s how-to’s and tutorials I referenced in my first post. ; ; ;

So, basically, when I thought the “links” widget would add links, I thought I would have to manage them. When I saw that it instantly put in links, some of which were WordPress links, I assumed it had pulled them from my first post, since I had links to sections in it. I therefore changed my initial idea of having to manage links into the belief they were automatically inventoried. So I changed from a correct hypothesis to an incorrect one. Of course, we could say none of my inferences were particularly deductively valid, but then again it remains a case study where more information and observations CAN make one move from a correct to an incorrect hypothesis (albeit in information-poor conditions, and outside the domain of deductive reasoning). Or whatever…

Plus: a Widget area is really an area, not a slot: you can place several widgets in a Widget area… good to know, good to know…


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I have books and computers. I doodle and I write. I laugh and I cry. I think and I speak. I eat and I sleep. I live and I die.
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