Blogs I Enjoy

1-Since I plan to suggest other blogs to my readers, I put in a Blogroll widget. 2-Since the blogroll widget is a links widget with another name, it lists all links I make without discrimination. 3-Since I cannot figure out on my own how to get around this issue;

I therefore plan to list here some blogs and news sources I enjoy to peruse, or those run by friends of mine, in order for them to make an appearance in said list. The links sh/w-ould include a short description, but often don’t. Hope you enjoy what you find!

Plus: I added blogs and sites I wish I was following more closely, in case that might happen.
Justin E.H. Smith’s blog, which he for the longest time refused to acknowledge as a blog. I met Professor Smith in a master’s degree seminar on the Idea of Race in the Enlightenment, at Concordia University, in Montreal, and have been reading his blog since. He is an inspiring figure as an academic and quite a talented writer. : Site de nouvelles en français. : Blogue sur la musique impermise. : Wish I was reading it. :
“A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” : Great webcomic. : Supa webcomic. :
There is some great stuff on this blog. Link seems t
o have been broken recently, but is again accessible. :
For more anthropologically oriented interests. :
Graphic designs that make information simple and beautiful. : The name says it all. :
Language geeks beware: the search for new words has begun… :
Public radio network. Independent news, online and in podcast formats. : Online newspaper/ news blog. : Because truth is beautiful. :
Pour l’excellent titre, et la présence de philosophie. : UK newspaper. : US newspaper.
Blogue académique sur la linguistique, la philo du language, l’épistémologie, et autre disciplines connexes.
Early Science and Medicine: editorial blog. Because I wonder what they are saying. :
La parole déchaînée. L’exploration d’un esprit. : For fans of comics. :
Canadian and international alternate news. Good finds.

Plus, to come:
Trendy or Nerdy internet resources,
Raw foods and food ethics/aesthetics,
The Library Project,
and more…


About annotatedgabbs

I have books and computers. I doodle and I write. I laugh and I cry. I think and I speak. I eat and I sleep. I live and I die.
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